Manufacturing Automation

ABI Electric has served a multitude of businesses across manufacturing industries like building and construction, automotive, textiles and plastic.

Besser Block Plant Manufacturing Automation

A Besser Block Plant in Northern Territory needed an upgrade and ABI Electric is proud to have assisted them. The project entailed integrating a new Asphalt mixing drum to the existing layout of the plant. The project aimed to maximize the throughput and efficiency of the plant while improving product quality and increasing the product range that the plant manufactures.


Bottling Plant Safety Upgrade by Manufacturing Automation

ABI Electric worked with a bottling manufacturer recently to perform an audit of equipment safety on account of a Worksafe investigation. Our team of experts collaborated with clients to determine safety threats and perform a risk analysis of hazards on-site. They also provided a preliminary design and solutions to minimize the danger, which include safety control system function description, operator training, zoning on machine to isolate the local area, motor stand-still detection and access control.


Seeking Manufacturing Automation Help?

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